Fashion Marketing Consulting

Internal and External:

  • Corporate Standards & Communications (your values, mission, vision, Branding and impact on your employees & partners)
  • Primary and secondary Market Research (questionnaires, interviews, focus-groups, stores and company audit, studies, analysis, SWOT, benchmarking) of  your product as USP, Target Audience (profiles), competitors, Segmentation & Positioning
  • Branding and expansion, new markets, new products
  • Promotion (message, Advertising and actions, customer loyalty special projects, PR& Events and cross-marketing, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Sponsorship, partisan and viral marketing), neuromarketing and IT-marketing (SAP, CRM, cross databases, content and social media, innovations)
  • Marketing Plan and implementation, Operations (individualization, mix, location and distribution channels, price strategy, physical evidence and packaging, Visual Merchandising & service standards, KPI and motivation, staff coaching and trainings)