How to Manage Fashion Business Abroad




Often I heard from different international companies that they have opened stores in Russia, and … no profits. Why? The territory of Moscow can be compared to the territory of one of the European countries. What is the problem?

And the problem is that it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the country, to adapt your international standards according to these specifics, in the team with the experts of this country, and even better with those of them, who know the world standards also.

For example, there is the specific of Russian customers: the customers prefer unnecessary to necessary. And the specific of Russian staff: “Stealing” (Karamzin)

And now we’ll speak about how the company loses Russian audience at own territory. Few years ago I was looking something in “Baby Dior” boutique at avenue Montaigne in Paris. Suddenly Russian client nervously asked about baby coat made of natural furs with the price of three thousands Euros approximately. And the seller, without turning to the client, was answering: “J’arrive”. “J’arrive” – is the specific of the French personnel and is the perfect weapon to kill the Russian client…

TIP:  If your customer profile is a foreigner, no matter whether you are going to open stores at his territory or you want him to buy at yours, – consult with international experts to research the specifics in details, find the differences like in children’s puzzles, correct them and build the entire management taking into account these specifics.