What’s Happening in Ukraine



spravaukrainechbThere is the world crisis and the catastrophe with the sales in Ukraine. The fashion sales are few times less in 2015 (in 2014 – 50% less and 14 fashion brands,8 fashion networks left Ukraine).You think that the war is the problem? Or inflation? Or crisis?

Now, ask yourself honestly – how often you were willing to spend your money in one of the Ukrainian stores, but in response there was no necessary product, the sellers tried to push you to buy other goods, the price was crazy, the service was horrible? So that means that the reason is different – Marketing.

With all these problems around, businessmen have forgotten about it. Entrepreneurs think only how to survive and “grab” today, because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. That’s the circle. So nothing is working today.

And this is going on during the great changes in marketing – innovations named individualization.

The reality of today is reminding me Samobranka Tablecloth (movie “Magicians” by Strugatsky):

“What do you want, citizens? … So you’ll look around or you’ll make the order?

– Please, cream cake for me.

-Not existing.

-Well, then, please, give me simply scrambled three eggs.

-Izh, are you dreaming? Just two eggs.

-Tea with lemon?

-Are you crazy, where did you see lemons during wintertime?!

-Then tea with sugar and two cheese sandwiches.

-We don’t have sandwiches.

-What do you have? …

-What are the clients?!…”

TIP:  and how it is in your company? Especially when the owner is not there? Maybe it’s time to remember about marketing, to think, to get consulting; and the science about sales will bring you the Sales?