Fashion Branding Consulting

“The main thing is that the brand is clearly consistent with its DNA.
For example, everyone knows that excellent Max Mara coats. At his
show, I want to see 15 great coats and not one mediocre evening
dress. For an evening dress I’m going to Valentino, for a good bag that
will last me many years, Hermes.”

(Carine Roitfeld).

What is the difference between the costume for 150 euro from the costume for 4000 euro?
Branding. Branding is the starting point of business:

  • Brand Building (values, mission, vision, philosophy, image, design, essence, message, communications, equity, personality, identity, evolution, strategy of promotion)
  • Brand audit and Rebranding (awareness, dimensions, Segmentation, Positioning)
  • Brand expansion (new markets, new distribution channels, new products, USP)
  • Brand loyalty (managing the brand to involve into the customers’ stories and Target Audience’)
  • Intellectual Property
  • Brand Portfolio Strategy
  • Creation & Development of Brand book (for corporate, for shopping centers and malls, for investors, partners, franchisers, agents, for marketing, for supply chain, for consumers)

We also offer special project for individuals – Personal Branding Consulting